The power of ManyChat

The power of ManyChat: how to exploit conversational marketing?

With the rise of digital, communication is changing. People are in permanent and instant contact with their various interlocutors via their smartphone.

In this line, thanks to the development of social networks, companies are much more accessible. For the brand, it is a space of exchange that is created with a client looking for a more personal discussion than a traditional email exchange.

This is why Messenger communication is currently growing and represents the future of Digital Marketing. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and ever more intuitive chatbots, the acquisition of qualified leads becomes much less expensive for the company.

Much more powerful than a simple email marketing, messages sent on Facebook to a customer via messenger have an average opening rate of 80% and a click rate of 30%.

Internet users are now looking for an increasingly privileged relationship with their brand.

More personal, more intimate and more accessible to the customer, instant messaging is becoming a very powerful tool in direct marketing.

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