The power of facebook

To those who today would still ask the question of the interest of social networks for a company, know that currently, Facebookaccounts for more than 2.23 billion active users per month or as many potential customers.

Beyond an extraordinary community of users, the first social network in the world in terms of attendance has many other advantages. Facebook is a true space of expression for the companies which wish to put forward their products. In addition, if Facebookads are paid, animate a page and interact with his community does not involve any investment, unlike many media.

A company/user link

If Facebookis an excellent vector of communication for companies, it is also an excellent vector for Internet users Indeed, they can contact the company very easily and at any time.

A saving of time for the search of information of the Internet user certainly, but also and especially for the company which, following the exchange, generates a close relation with this potential future customer.

Surgical targeting.

The great strength of the American social network is the extreme precision of the targeting of its advertisements.

Let’s take a simple example. Do you sell sports goods? You can target all people with an interest in a brand, for a sport and that, in the geographical area of ​​your choice An effective solution for generating qualified leads. Does this solution interest you?

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