Email marketing, a powerful tool to boost your turnover

No, email marketing is not dead.

Despite the rise of social networks, instant messaging and the amount of spam received daily on its mailbox, email is still popular with consumers.

In France, 82% of people think that email will still be the most used solution by companies to communicate with their customers within ten years. This can be justified by its economic nature, personalizing, easy to use and of course quantifiable.

However, if it is easy to send an email to its customers, it is more difficult to optimize it so that it effectively meets the objectives set.

Clicks, that’s good, conversions, it’s better

Many companies focus on the click-through rate, but in reality it’s the conversion that can turn your prospect into a customer and potentially generate revenue.

And one of the most effective ways to increase conversions after a campaign is the landing page. Its goal ? Encourage action and therefore conversion.

Depending on your objectives, the nature of the conversion can be of several different forms – quote request, subscription to a newsletter, engagement on social networks, sales.

We must guide, and bring the user to this conversion. Would you like to know more or be guided by a professional?

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